Arch operates on commercial principles, investing in, managing and developing property, and earning fees for managing construction and regeneration projects. We recycle profits from these activities and secure funding from external sources to resource our inward investment effort, work with key companies, and provide other business services.


There have been a number of media reports in connection with governance and financial matters at Arch.

Whilst these issues are undoubtedly serious and are being addressed, we want to reassure our customers, stakeholders, and clients that the company is continuing to deliver its services and activities. Our work continues, and it’s very much business as usual.

Arch in its current form will be dissolved and a new company will be created.

A strategic review prompted a fundamental rethink in the way the organisation should function, and this will inevitably impact on its strategic direction moving forward. This has not affected the many projects Arch continues to deliver as part of its core business, including:

All existing tenancies for residents and businesses in Arch Homes and business premises will continue to be unaffected.

Ascent Homes, is delivering a dynamic house building programme across the County, and Arch and its successor company will have a key role in helping to deliver against the Council’s affordable housing aspirations.

Business support services will continue to be provided in its current form as will our efforts to attract private investment into the County.

There are a range of exciting new opportunities which will play a critical role in regenerating all parts of the County, and we’re committed to taking full advantage of future changes in the new developing partnerships in the region.

We will continue to deliver our high level of service throughout this process. We are on hand to deal with any enquiries or concerns you might have, and are always available if you need to speak to a member of our team.

Please be assured of our continued support.